Call-A-Cab was launched August of 2013.
It was not welcomed by the local taxi companies who did not understand that talking directly to the closest cabbie (GPS Proximity) was more efficient.
May of 2014, Lyft and Uber entered the Albuquerque market and at half the taxi rates (and using GPS proximity) decimated the taxi business.
September, 2015, Call-A-Cab had enough taxis tracked to compete with Uber, but then Uber dropped UberX prices to 85 cents/mile and most of the taxi drivers had to quit.


We created a legal form of Uber a year before Uber came to Albuquerque, but regulations and insurance law require certified taxi drivers and commercial insurance. While Uber can put 100 cars on the road at no cost, each car Call-A-Cab subscribes costs at least $1700 plus the cost of the vehicle. 

However, we do promote Uber and Lyft. Uber is 'the' way to get around town, and so cheap it is even taking riders away from the bus lines.


With UBER rates at such low prices, especially UberX, and the expense incurred by drivers using their own vehicles, PLEASE TIP if you have the resources and the driver does good work. Those cash tips make a huge difference at the end of each day.

200 Broadway Blvd SEAlbuquerque, NM87102US
Phone: 505-235-5140 Website: https://taxiabq.com/