4. Find the 'flying android' icon in 'Apps' and move to the bottom right of your main screen.



Only 'CHECK IN' when you are available to take calls from customers.


  1. Because if you are unavailable and a customer uses the map to call and picks you, you have blocked the call from going to an AVAILABLE DRIVER, thus compromising the system.
  2. When a manager or dispatcher calls you to service a fare, the first question should not be, 'Are you Available.' It should be assumed that if you are on the map you are going to pick up your phone for a call.

3. Text your manager for your unique tracking ID and 'copy/paste' ID# into the Settings Panel.

2. Once downloaded, Install the app. You will be prompted to go to Security and Check the Unknown Sources box.

1) Click on Image Below to Download the GPS tracking app. Select 'Regular Version' for your type of phone, e.g., Android 

How to Be a Call-A-Cab Driver

Compete Directly with UBER!


Sending Interval is Default at 1 Minute

Tracking ID will be texted to you by the Map Manager.

Smart Sending pauses the '1 Minute' interval when parked for long periods of time

Hot GPS uses a lot of battery power, so let's leave that unchecked

Auto Interval increases GPS location updates with speed

Auto Start on Powerup is always checked

Use Network Location? This helps when GPS signals are weak


If each driver shows customers the Homescreen for www.taxiabq.com and how to access the GPS Map, in time we will have thousands of regular customers.

Also, show them how easy it is to add the Call-A-Cab icon to their smartphone homescreen. See photo below!


Download or Bookmark Call-A-Cab

Use the links and instructions below to download our app or bookmark our page to your phone's home screen or computer desktop for easy access whenever you need to call a cab in Albuquerque.



In the regular/default Android browser, with this page open in the regular Android browser, tap the menu key on your Android device, and then choose "Add shortcut to home screen" or "Add shortcut" (depending on version).

In Chrome for Android, tap the menu key and choose "Add to homescreen".

A shortcut with the Call-A-Cab icon will be added to your home screen (if your main screen is full already, you may have to scroll left or right to see it).

iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.)

In Mobile Safari, with this page open in the browser,

These instructions apply to iOS 7, but are just about the same across all iOS versions.

Windows / Mac / Linux*

Method 1: (works with Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox**, and some versions of Safari** on Mac)

** Note: Using this method in Firefox and Safari on Mac will create the shortcut, but you'll only get a generic icon instead of the Call-A-Cab icon. Chrome and Internet Explorer will give the shortcut the Call-A-Cab icon.

Method 2: (works with Chrome browser)

Using this method will create a shortcut that will launch the Call-A-Cab site in the Chrome browser in its own separate window, with its own icon.

Method 3: (works with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari)

* Note: On Linux, the exact results of these actions may depend on the particular desktop manager and distribution of Linux you are using. But the general principles will apply to most browsers and systems.


Android devices

Coming soon to Google Play store!

In the meantime, you can download our .apk and install directly to your device.

   Download CallACab.apk (1.3 MB)

Note: When downloading and installing this package from an Android device:

iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.)

We hope to available in the Apple App Store before too long. In the meantime, it's quite easy to bookmark taxiabq.com to your home screen.


This Call-A-Cab desktop shortcut can be placed on the desktop for easy access to the Call-A-Cab webpage.

   Download Call-A-Cab.exe (0.1 MB)

Bookmark / Download
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